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Glass Tube Heater Parts


Upper Support Columns for WL Triangle Glass Tube Heaters

  • Glass tube upper supports for triangle glass tube heaters.
  • Aluminum.
  • 52" tall.
  • Made for the upper portion of glass tube heaters.
  • Please compare with WL style on parts page. These styles are not interchangeable.


Lower Support Legs for Square Glass Tube Heaters

  • Lower support legs for square glass tube patio heaters
  • Aluminum
  • Set of four
  • Hardware not included.


Lower Support Legs for Triangle Glass Tube Heaters

  • Lower supports for triangle (3 sided) glass tube heaters.
  • Set of three.
  • Aluminum with rubber feet.
  • 38" tall
  • Made for the lower portion of glass tube heaters.
  • ***Please select heater model from drop down menu***


Glass Tube Protective Grates for Square Heater

Two options available. GS style is one panel per side (4 panels in set). WL style is two panels per side (8 panels in set). Please choose the style your current heater uses as they are not interchangeable.
  • Replacement protective grates for square glass tube heater.
  • Powder coated.
  • Grates for the 4 sided heater DO NOT include guard connectors.
  • Guard connectors are included in the SGT-MBS master bolt set.

Fits models: 584736, 639564, PH08, HLDS01-GTHG, HLDS01-GTSS, HLDS01-GTPC, BFH-A


Glass Tube Protective Grates for Triangle Heater

  • Replacement protective grates for triangle glass tube heater.
  • Powder coated steel.
  • 3 pcs per set.
  • Grates WITH hooks: GS
  • Grates WITHOUT hooks: WL



2012 and Newer Glass Tube Wheel Kit

  • Replacement wheels for 2012 and newer square glass tube heaters.
  • Wheels and brackets included.
  • Powder-coated steel. Black finish.
  • Hard plastic solid wheels.

For models: 639564, PH08, HLDS01-GTHG, HLDS01-GTSS, HLDS01-GTPC


Door Knob and Chain for Glass Tube Heaters

  • Door knob and chain for square glass tube heaters.
  • Plastic knob, screw and chain included.
  • Mounts to front door of units for easy opening.


Glass Tube Heater Propane Tank Stability Ring

  • Stabilizer ring keeps propane tank from shifting or tipping.
  • Includes hardware to attach ring to heater base.
  • Hammered bronze finish.
  • 8.5" diameter.


Handle for Triangle Glass Tube Patio Heater

  • Replacement back handle for 3-sided (triangle) glass tube patio heaters


Hiland Ground Fixtures

  • Patio heater ground fixture set to secure heater to the ground.
  • Attaches to heater base.
  • Can also be used with cement anchors (not included) to anchor heater to cement.