Glass Tube Heater Parts

AZ Patio Heaters

Glass Tube Heater Parts


Door Knob and Chain for Glass Tube Heaters

  • Door knob and chain for square glass tube heaters.
  • Plastic knob, screw and chain included.
  • Mounts to front door of units for easy opening.


Glass Tube Heater Propane Tank Stability Ring

  • Stabilizer ring keeps propane tank from shifting or tipping.
  • Includes hardware to attach ring to heater base.
  • Hammered bronze finish.
  • 8.5" diameter.


Handle for Triangle Glass Tube Patio Heater

  • Replacement back handle for 3-sided (triangle) glass tube patio heaters


Hiland Ground Fixtures

  • Patio heater ground fixture set to secure heater to the ground.
  • Attaches to heater base.
  • Can also be used with cement anchors (not included) to anchor heater to cement.