AZ Patio Heaters


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~To Danny, you spent a lot of time with me on the phone today, and I want to give you a great big THANK YOU for all your assistance. Your explanation, plus the pics from the website you directed me to, were excellent. I now know what to do if this occurs next year. Again, thanks.
Paul Shnier
Toronto, Canada

~Received my order today. The parts for my propane patio heater fit perfectly. Everything lines up, the screw threads are the correct size...everything is super. Thank you for the quick shipping by the way, even though we live in Pennsylvania!!! Again big thanks!
Kathleen and Jeff Mayer
Warrington, PA

~Thanks so much for your quick response. It is people like you that make companies like AZ Patio Heaters great. I was expecting the usual, we can't help you, but the two calls I made to AZ made me pleasantly surprised. I wish all companies had customer service representatives like you. It is because of this that I will definitely consider AZ first on future purchases!
Mark Tumielewicz
Fair Haven, VT

~I recently bought a gas regulator from AZ Patio Heaters for my tall patio heater thinking it was the reason it would not light. Still didn't work so I went to your web site and went through all of the various cleaning suggestions. It still would not light and I was about to junk the heater (I was very frustrated). As a last ditch effort, on a Saturday afternoon, I called your toll free number. Your customer service representative talked me through the trouble shooting exercise. His final suggestion was to remove the pilot tube and orifice and soak in hot water. I did and then reassembled the heater. Now it lights with ONE CLICK!!!! So now you have a customer for life. Thanks so much.
Gene Lundquist
Bakersfield, CA

~I thank your staff for the courtesy and knowledge they shared. This effort by your staff today will forever earn my business and referrals to friends when the need a patio heater....and you will have more sales and profitability than just that small purchase I would have made. Your staff made my day and my chilly mornings and evenings more comfortable!
 Thanks for running a wonderful business to work with.
Kevin Wesseling
Glendale Az

~again, thank you for all of your effort !!! I've told many folks about your service and will continue to do so when sitting on my patio on a chilly night enjoying the  patio heater.
Thomas Wesholski

~All is well, thank you!!!
I am most grateful for your tenacity in the replacement of my flawed tabletop. The new one arrived on Monday 7/19. It is now in place and our patio heater looks worthy of the place it occupies on our patio. We will be pleased to receive our family and friends, knowing that we have "grey socks with our grey suit!"
You are a worthy member of your organization. I applaud your persistence in achieving customer satisfaction.
Thanks a million and we raise our glass to you and your company, for the quality standards you set and deliver.
Yours truly,
Jeanne Beland

~I just wanted to tell you thank you for the great service with all updates and a quick shipping your company has provided me. Sometimes thanks are needed and not given, so I just wanted to let you know thank you.
Your very happy customer,
Tracey M Lehman

~Just wanted to say "Thank You". Went to light off my heater, Pilot would not light. Called your 1-800# from tucson, and the lady who answered the phone was "Great"..she walked me through cleaning the unit. Heater back in service again.  Thank you so much for both a great product but a staff that knows their product as well as how to help their customers..

~I just wanted to thank your company, I called several weeks back to order a $60. Part for a patio heater that was not working and a gentleman named Beau asked me if I would like to have him help me diagnose the problem. I did what he said to do and now the heater works perfectly. Thank you, how refreshing it was to have a company not just want to take my money.
Lisa  Besix


~The super helpful people at the distributor helped me. They get five stars for customer relations. Please let the appropriate person know about my experience with the AZ crew.
Mark Wittenkeller


~Thanks for the tech support today - it's wonderful to get live, friendly help and troubleshooting! Brett in the Tech Dept was very helpful.
Sydney Herren


~Wow! You guys are something else. Great web site, easy ordering process and even called Customer Service after my order and received great personal service as well. To top everything off, your free shipping was a bonus but I expected free would take a week. That wasn't the case - the part got here in two days! Kudos to all and I'll definitely recommend you guys!
Tom McCollum


~I just want to take a moment and thank you for making a great product. When the wind storm rolled my heater down the hill I thought I was doomed, but besides a broken wheel and a wrinkled top, it came out great. And the best thing is you have replacement parts that match. YEAH. Have a great Holiday. :)
Patrick Weller


~I want to take the time to say THANK YOU. You stand behind your product and I received my regulator that was missing on Saturday (just in time for my party). Everyone at AZ was very polite and are all definitely customer service oriented. Please pass this along to everybody involved they all really went out of their way!!!!! GREAT JOB!!!
Donald Heinrichs


~I spoke with the technician this morning. He walked me through how to remove the box and scrape inside spark area and inspect wiring for a loose wire. Everything is up and running. You have a great team. Thank you for the help.
Greg Gearheart


~I purchased a pyramid-style heater by AZ Patio Heaters through Costco Canada. Unfortunately, one of the quartz tubes developed a crack. Upon faxing all the necessary paperwork to AZ Patio Heaters, they sent me the part with UPS, right away. When I got the part, I was very surprised. I got a whole assembly (2 quartz tubes and 1 metal connector) not just one quartz tube. I highly recommend this company. The products are great and the customer service is excellent!
Ann B.G.

~Looked around at several patio heaters before settling on this one and am happy with the purchase. Assembly was pretty straightforward, took about an hour total. The overall quality seems solid.  It puts out some good heat, plenty to keep the nearby chairs warm. One reason I went with Arizona brand is they have great customer service and you can also buy replacement parts from their website. Overall this is a quality heater for a good price and I would definitely recommend it.
John Smith