FAQ: When I Turn On My Heater It Smells?

Why does it smell like sewer when I turn on my heater?

Furnace smells like rotten eggs or like a sewer The smell can indicate a failed heat exchanger, especially if you have a high-efficiency furnace. This is a serious problem because a bad heat exchanger can pump unsafe levels of dangerous carbon monoxide (CO) gas into your home.

How do I stop my electric heater from smelling?

Brush the intake vents with a soft, old toothbrush to remove any excess dust and dirt. After the initial scent wears off from a new heater, the most common cause of odors is dust. Next, clean the ceramic heater, including the intake vents, with a vacuum outfitted with an upholstery bristle.

Is it normal for an electric heater to smell?

Heater Smells Like: Burning Dust Whether you operate an electric heater, furnace, or heat pump, a system that has remained dormant can accumulate dust and other particles from the air supply in your home. When the heating system is turned on, these materials burn up, causing that short-lived burning dust smell.

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Why does my heat smell like burning plastic?

Plastic – If your heater smells like burning plastic, the odor will quickly become intolerable. This smell likely means that a foreign object, such as a toy or a humidifier nozzle, has become lodged in the furnace and has been slowly baking away.

Why does my heat smell weird?

If you smell a dusty or burning smell the first few times you turn on your heat, it’s most likely dust and dirt that’s settled on components inside your heating system throughout the summer. As you fire up the heat, those dust particles burn away, producing a weird burnt/dusty smell.

Why does my heater smell so bad?

The most common odor you might smell is burning dust. (Especially if you are turning on your heater for the first time this winter season.) Dust has collected in the heating ducts all summer long. Clogged or dirty air filters are another common cause for odors in your home.

Why does my electric heater smell like rotten eggs?

Rotten Egg Smell If you turn the heater on and notice a rotten eggs smell, you need to take action right away. It may indicate a natural gas leak. Natural gas usually smells odorless. A compound is added to it by the utility company to give off a foul odor so that you can quickly detect a leak.

How can I make my heater smell better?

Placing a dryer sheet on the incoming side of your filter helps absorb odor and if scented, can add a bit of a pleasant smell to the air. Placing an air freshener like what you might use in your car in the same manner as the dryer sheet. Placing dryer sheets or air fresheners inside your registers.

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Why does my storage heater smell of fish?

The electrical components and wires in your walls and outlets are coated with heat resistant chemicals and plastic coating for insulation. When these chemicals and plastic heat up significantly, they give off a burning odor that can smell like fish.

Is it bad if my heater smells?

This kind of smell is usually electrical-related and can be very dangerous. If you’re experiencing a burning smell from your heater, turn off your HVAC unit and contact a technician as soon as possible.

What is the smell from an electric heater?

WHAT IT IS: This smell is most common when you turn on your heating unit for the first time of the season. After a long period of time without use, dust and other debris can settle on the heat exchanger, burners and other heating components. You may get a smoky odor as these particles burn off.

Can you smell an electrical fire?

The smell of plastic burning is caused by an electrical fire. It can be hard to find a short in an outlet or wiring inside a wall. Most warning signs of electrical fires are invisible and odorless.

Can a dirty air filter cause a burning smell?

If your filter is clogged, it will force your air handler to work over time. This can cause your blower motor to overheat and give off a burning smell that is carried throughout your ductwork and into your living spaces.

Is burnt plastic smell harmful?

The smell of burning or melting plastic is one of the most unpleasant smells you can have to put up with. Not only is it nasty, it tends to cling to everything and can even be dangerous. The smoke and smell of burning plastic can be toxic, especially if you’re breathing in a lot of it.

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Is it normal for furnace to smell like burning?

In most cases, the dusty burning smell coming from your furnace is actually quite normal. If you’re just turning it on for the first time this winter, chances are the furnace is actually burning away any dirt and dust that accumulates inside.

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