Often asked: How To Install Garage Heater?

Can I install a garage heater myself?

Electric heaters can be mounted onto a garage wall or ceiling. It’s also possible that you can install the unit yourself. However, you should be aware that electric heaters require more power and may require a separate, designated circuit.

How much does it cost to install a garage heater?

Homeowners spend between $1,200 and $4,000 to install a garage heater, but it can cost up to $5,000 or more. Costs vary based on how big your garage is, and what kind of garage heater you choose. There are several types of garage heaters, such as electric, infrared, and natural gas-powered units that vary in cost.

Is it safe to put heater in garage?

A mounted electric heater is normally larger than a space heater and it will heat the garage more easily. They are normally easier to install than a forced-air heater and you may be able to do it yourself. This type of heat is also safe for your garage.

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Where should heater be placed in garage?

To be most effective, garage heaters should be placed in the coldest corner of the room and directed towards the center.

How many Btus do I need for my garage heater?

A basic rule of thumb for forced-air heaters is 45,000 Btu to heat a two- to 2-1/2 car garage, and a 60,000 Btu garage heater for a three-car garage. The makers of low-intensity infrared tube heaters say that 30,000 Btu can heat a two to 2-1/2 car garage, and suggest 50,000 for a three-car garage.

How can I heat my garage cheaply?

How to Heat a Garage for Year-Round Use

  1. Install Better Insulation. The Cheapest Way to Heat Your Garage.
  2. Hook Up an Electric Space Heater. The Simplest Way to Heat a Garage.
  3. Fire Up a Combustion Space Heater. The Fastest Way to Heat a Garage.
  4. Install a Ductless Mini-Split System.
  5. Add Radiant Heating.

Does a heated garage cause rust?

When your car is covered with snow or salt, storing it in a warm garage every night can slightly speed up the process of rust. You get home at night and pull your car into the heated garage. The ice and snow melts, leaving you with salt and warm air. Salt and warm air are perfect ingredients for oxidation – rust.

How much does it cost to heat a 2 car garage?

To heat an average, two to two-and-a-half car garage you will spend between $600 and $1500.

What size heater do I need for my garage?

You can calculate the ideal garage heater for your garage using the formula of size (in cubic feet) times 0.133 times the desired temperature rise. These factors vary, but we generally recommend an 8,000 – 12,000 BTU garage heater for a one car garage.

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Are infrared heaters good for a garage?

Garage heating is the solution. They work great for an out-building or detached work shed. Plus, an infrared garage heater helps the rooms above your garage stay warm too. An infrared garage heater directly heats people and objects, thereby heating the surrounding air to the set temperature.

How many Btus does it take to cool a 2 car garage?

If you have a typical two-car garage, it should measure somewhere around 20 feet wide by 20 feet deep. A 400-square-foot space like this requires a 9,000 to 10,000 BTU air conditioner, according to Energy Star.

What kind of heater is safe for a garage?

Ceramic electric garage heaters function basically the same as fan-forced heaters but with one significant difference: They use a ceramic heating element instead of the metal component in fan-forced heaters. This difference in the material makes them far more effective than a fan-forced heater at heating a large space.

What is the best way to heat a detached garage?

What’s the Best Way to Heat a Detached Garage?

  1. Installing a Ductless Mini Split System. This is a kind of heating system that doesn’t need air ducts to heat the air.
  2. Better Insulation. This should be by far the cheapest option.
  3. Radiant Heating System.
  4. Portable Space Heater.
  5. Which is Best For You?

Can you heat an uninsulated garage?

So what’s the best way to heat an uninsulated garage? Use propane heaters for high powered, silent and odorless heat. Opt for a radiant style for a small-medium garage, or a torpedo style for a larger space. For an electric option use infrared heating as it’s more durable.

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