Quick Answer: How To Hide Furnace And Hot Water Heater?

How do I hide my furnace and hot water heater?

Curtains. Perhaps the simplest way to hide your furnace and water heater is to add a sliding curtain as a divider. You will need to measure the wall height to determine proper curtain length, as well as the needed width. Be sure to give a few inches of clearance so the curtain doesn’t touch your heater.

Can you enclose a furnace and water heater?

If you are finishing your basement and building walls, incorporate a small area to enclose the furnace, AC, and or water heater. These louvered doors provide great ventilation. Another option is to create a set of built-in shelves in the door that don’t even look like a closet.

How can I hide my water heater?

Ideas for Hiding a Hot Water Heater

  1. Add a Closet. If you have the space, you can hire a contractor to install drywall and a door.
  2. Create a Hot Water Cover or Cabinet. Creating a cabinet is a great option if you want something less permanent than a closet.
  3. Hang Curtains.
  4. Use a Room Divider or Screen.
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Can I build a closet around my furnace?

A furnace can be installed various places in a house — in a basement, an attic, a garage, a ground-floor utility room or outside the walls. Furnaces in basements or garages often are enclosed in cabinets or closets to block noise from the unit and protect it from accidental bumps.

Where is the best place to put a furnace?

To run most efficiently, your furnace will need a space with ample fresh air, a source of natural gas, and proper ventilation. These necessary components can be found in large spaces like basements, utility rooms, and garages as well as confined spaces like an attic or closet.

Is it OK to enclose a water heater?

Hot water heaters — both gas and electric — can be enclosed. However, insulation blankets are no longer recommended for hot water heaters. Most defer to manufacturer recommendations when it comes to space allowance for an enclosed water heater.

How close can a furnace be to a water heater?

2 Answers. According to International Residential Code (IRC), you’ll need to provide a 30″ x 30″ level working space for servicing and inspection of both appliances. You’ll also have to follow the manufacturers installation instructions, for clearances from combustible materials and any other restrictions.

How far does a water heater have to be from a furnace?

As a general recommendation, your heater should be 30 inches away from furnace room walls on all sides. This allows our service experts to comfortably replace it. You also need to check the space has enough airflow and ventilation, especially if you have an aging furnace with a metal flue.

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Does a furnace closet need ventilation?

Ventilating a closet is generally easy to do. Furnaces have their own supply and exhaust vents that need to be installed along with the unit. For safety, you need the required venting, but as long as you extend pipes to the roof or outside walls, you do not need to worry about the closet.

Can you put tankless water heater in a closet?

Your tankless water heater can be installed just about anywhere! Due to the small size of your water heater, it can be mounted in many small spaces, including closets, under sinks, in pantries, or under stair storage areas.

How do you clean the burner on a hot water heater?

Usually the Flame Arrestor or Filter Screen is blocked with dust or lint and can be cleaned with a common household brush and a vacuum cleaner. To clean the FVIR system, first turn the water heater off. Allow the burner to cool for about 15 minutes.

Can you wall in a furnace?

Mark Walls of Furnace Room When locating the walls, be sure to allow enough space — at least 30 inches — to move around inside the furnace room so that maintenance and repairs can be performed on the furnace. Also leave enough space so that the water heater and furnace can be removed when they need replacement.

What kind of door do I need for a furnace room?

Insufficient combustion air – Need outside air or a full louvered door or a standard door with high and low vents. Insufficient clearance – need metal door or fireproof door to reduce clearance requirements. Some furnaces allowed off sleeping areas with outside air and solid sealed fireproof door.

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How far should things be from a furnace?

We recommend leaving at least 3 feet of space around your furnace clear. Not only is this required for us to come in and service it, but it is a good safety tip to not have anything too close to a combustible heat source.

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