Quick Answer: Where Is The Hot Water Heater In A Mobile Home?

Where should a hot water heater be located?

General Placement Most regulations are fairly simply, and require that water heaters be placed against an external wall of the house. This is why most hot water heaters are in garages or basements. You will want to place your water heater next to an outer wall to make room for the flue.

Are mobile home water heaters different?

Mobile home water heaters are different per code and HUD safety approval. Mobile home water heaters will have a H.U.D. safety approval. Anything else used for a mobile home is against the law, will void the manufacturer’s warranty, and will nullify your insurance coverage.

How do you remove a water heater from a mobile home?


  1. Shut off the Water and Gas. Close the shutoff valve on the cold water supply line feeding the water heater.
  2. Drain the Tank.
  3. Remove the Old Water Heater.
  4. Install a Drip Pan.
  5. Add the TPR Valve.
  6. Place the New Water Heater.
  7. Complete the Vent Connection.
  8. Add a TPR Discharge Tube.
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How do I check my hot water heater?

There isn’t a set –spot” for a water heater to be installed, but they are usually located on an exterior wall, near your gas and water supply lines. If you don’t see it there, check any utility closets in your home, your basement and the garage, if you have them.

Can a hot water heater sit on the floor?

Gas water heaters can sit directly on the floor if they are FVIR (flammable vapor ignition-resistant). All gas 30, 40, and 50-gallon water heaters sold to the North American market after 2005 must comply with ANSI Z21. 10.1a-2002 standards and are FVIR. All electric water heaters can be placed directly on the floor.

Can I put a hot water heater in a closet?

Water heaters can be installed in bedroom or bathroom closets, if necessary or preferred, but only if they’re an electric, direct vent or sealed combustion chamber unit.

Why can’t you use a regular water heater in a mobile home?

Can I install a regular water heater in my mobile home? No. Mobile home water heaters will have a H.U.D. Standard water heaters are generally not HUD-approved because of the square intake vent at the base, which is not completely sealed.

How much does it cost to replace a hot water heater in a mobile home?

A tanked heater can cost approximately up to $800 including the installation which takes only 2 to 3 hours.

What size water heater is in a mobile home?

You’ll commonly find 30-gallon water heater tanks in mobile homes, but occasionally, you may find a larger 40-gallon tank. In most cases, 30-gallons of hot water will meet the needs of several people, however, if your hot water requirements are higher, you may want to consider installing a tankless water heater.

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Can I put a tankless water heater in a mobile home?

A tankless hot water heater can be installed on a trailer or manufactured home as long as you have a large enough gas line to supply it, or the properly rated electrical cable and breaker in the case of an electric model. All the major tankless water heater manufacturers carry models for both propane and natural gas.

Where is the water pressure regulator located in a mobile home?

Where is it located? A water pressure regulator, if you have one, is usually located where the main water line comes into the house and after the main shut off valve. This way if you need to work on or change the water pressure regulator you can simply shut off the water main to do so.

How do you drain a water heater?

Draining Your Hot Water Heater

  1. Turn off the water valve that supplies the hot water tank.
  2. Attach the hose to the drain valve at the bottom of the water heater.
  3. Open that same valve.
  4. Open the pressure relief valve.
  5. Allow the water to drain.
  6. When the tank is empty, turn on the water supply valve.

How many years does a hot water heater last?

How long do electric hot water systems last? You can expect an electric hot water system to last on average between 10 and 15 years.

How do I know if my hot water heater element is bad?

Touch a probe on the multitester to each screw on the element. If you get no reading, or a maximum reading, the element is bad. Elements do have some resistance, so a reading of 10-16 ohms is normal, with higher ohm readings for 3,500 watt elements and lower readings for 5,500 watt elements.

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What is the most common problem with water heaters?

A water tank that produces too little hot water is one of the many common water heater problems you may encounter. Usually this can be solved by turning up the temperature on the tank’s thermostat. Be careful, however, not to turn the temperature up too high, as this can be a scalding hazard. No hot water.

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