Readers ask: What Does Geator With The Heater Mean?

How old is the Geator with the heater?

Gerald Joseph “Jerry” Blavat ( born July 3, 1940 ), also known as “The Geator with the Heater” and “The Big Boss with the Hot Sauce,” is an American disc jockey and performer who has been a major influence in promoting oldies music on the radio.

Did Jerry blavat ever get married?

This is hard to square with Jerry’s own love life, which is fairly ornate but also remarkably carefree. He has been married for 48 years, separated for 32 of them, and is in a long-term relationship with a 54-year-old Jewish woman who practices holistic healing.

What religion is Jerry blavat?

A bit later, Blavat – who is half Jewish, half Italian Catholic – hurried to a charity event at St. Maria Goretti parish in South Philly. “I’m honoring all my people,” he said.

Who owns Memories in Margate?

But Memories in Margate owner Jerry Blavat says this is all one big misunderstanding.

What nationality is Jerry blavat?


Is Jerry blavat in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

In 1993, Blavat was inducted into the Philadelphia Music Alliance’s Hall of Fame. In 1998, he was included in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame as part of a permanent exhibit in its Museum of Radio and Records.

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What channel is Jerry blavat on?

The Jerry Blavat Show – WBCB – Live sports and news coverage in Bucks, Burlington, and Mercer Counties. Air Times: Monday – Friday 3pm – 5pm. Geator Gold Radio is back in Levittown & Trenton!!! Listen to the hits you grew up dancing to all weekday long on 1490 WBCB.

When did Memories in Margate open?

In 1972, Jerry opened his nightclub, Memories in Margate. Locals and tourists alike have enjoyed this popular entertainment spot, and have made their own memories dancing and clubbing for over 40 years. Over the years, Jerry has proven his dedication to Memories, and the events which have made it such a landmark.

When was Jerry blavat born?

July 3, 1940 (age 81 years)

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